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PHD designs lightweight modern basses in 32” and 33” scale lengths


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    In order to produce the perfect instrument, the Luthier must be skilled in many disciplines. A background in musical performance, training in both math and science of sound and its creation, knowledge and experience in woodworking (both technical and aesthetic), study with a well-known, experienced luthier, and of course experience as a bass player to access playability and ergonomic issues would all be highly desirable.   

Parizad Hatcher was trained from early childhood as a classical pianist. She received her Bachelor's degree with a dual major in Physics and Mathematics from Georgia Tech. While at Georgia Tech she was awarded a prize for original speaker design. 

After relocating to Albuquerque, NM, Parizad developed a passion for carpentry and soon began creating beautiful works of art. Around this time she met and befriended Keith Vizcarra, a well known Luthier living in Santa Fe, NM. Eventually, Parizad became Keith's understudy and learned the art of classical guitar building. Under Keith's expert guidance, she completed several classical guitars based on the designs of Antonio De Torres. Some of her classical guitars are in the hands of well known international performers. 

Parizad is not a bass player... Her husband is. She developed an interest in building bass guitars while listening to him. David Hatcher graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's Degree in Performance. He has studied under and played with some great guitar and bass players including Bruce Dunlap, Mick Goodrick, Garrison Fewell, Tomo Fujita, Gary Willis, Dave Parlato and Arthur "Yogi" Schmidt. David has been a long time collector of high end Custom Instruments and his bass collection includes instruments by Zon, Fodera, MTD, Mike Lull, Alembic and many others. 

Years of exposure to some of the finest basses in the world, allowed Parizad to research and engineer designs based on the best aspects of many different instruments. Parizad was looking for a new approach to tone and ergonomics that simply hasn’t existed until now. Parizad has a keen ear and eye and a relentless pursuit for perfection of tone, design and detail. She has combined these elements into her own unique concepts and is now building Basses full time known as PHD Bass Guitars. 

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